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The Daily News section gives you late breaking news about the Network!!




Hi Everyone .. The new website is here and ready for you..:)

As you can see the Road Trip Map is now the centerpiece of the site. You can find shops by clicking on the Flag

or use the Find Dealers tab then search by Name or City.  

If you see RECENTLY UPDATED above the shop name when you do a search that means new info has been added within the last three days.

Links to the new Upcoming Events (Google Calendar) & Vendor Needed pages are in the header bar. 

The Daily News section will be used to get the word out about new things on the site, new Members, special Events & Happenings

and anything else I can think of!


Speaking of new Network members please check out our newest member page for:

Pickers Parlor in Atlantic!!!


     Feel free to Contact us with Ideas and Thoughts! IowaAntiqueNetwork@gmail.com



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